Tuesday, May 23, 2017


So, it has come to this:

"President Trump asked two of the nation’s top intelligence officials in March to help him push back against an FBI investigation into possible coordination between his campaign and the Russian government, according to current and former officials.

Trump made separate appeals to the director of national intelligence, Daniel Coats, and to Adm. Michael S. Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, urging them to publicly deny the existence of any evidence of collusion during the 2016 election."

And the Republicans go on and on, screaming endlessly that there is no evidence to tie Donald Trump to any crime.

It does not take a long post to describe this behavior.  It is witness tampering, obstruction of justice and subornation of perjury, coming directly from the "president" of the United States.  It is also obviously consciousness of guilt, writ large across the sky in Washington.

Donald Trump is a common criminal and a thug, who knows he has done immense evil, and who is now willing to commit any crime to cover it up.  There can no longer be any doubt about that.

I've heard a lot of talk lately about the danger of replacing Trump with Mike Pence or Paul Ryan, who will be just as malignant as Trump but in a much less flamboyant manner that will be harder to fight.  That is true, but sorry, there is a point where Trump's criminality is so great, and so unapologetic, that we will be forever damaging the country if we don't deal with it.  He must go.  The damage of a Pence or Ryan Presidency must be left to be dealt with later, while we take care of the present danger.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Black Is White

And up is down, true is false, bad is good.

A Saudi Prince had this to say about Donald Trump:


I read in the Los Angeles Times this weekend that the Saudis not only called Trump a strong President, but they contrasted him to Obama, who they called a weak President.

See, it is strong to buckle under to the demands of one of the worst dictatorships on earth, and agree to provided them with $110 billion dollars of advanced weapons to carry on their terrorist religious wars, but it is weak to refuse to finance their hatred, and instead to try to make peace with that dictatorship's rivals.  Here is a particularly ironic statement of the current principles governing U.S.-Saudi affairs:

"Concerning terrorism in the region, both parties agreed that recruitment campaigns carried out by some terrorist groups in Saudi Arabia against Saudi citizens are launched to legitimize these groups."

"Some terrorist groups."  No mention of the fact that the Saudis virtually invented modern Islamic terrorism, through their monstrous so-called religion of Wahabism, which has been financing violence since the nineteenth century.  No mention of the fact that the Saudis are overwhelmingly the major financiers of Islamic hatred and violence in the world.  And as for the  racist anti-Muslim crusade Trump has led the last couple of years?

"Relations had undergone a period of difference of opinion. However, today’s meeting has put things on the right track...Saudi Arabia does not believe that this measure is targeting Muslim countries or the religion of Islam."

The right track. War is peace.  Lies are truth.  Anything that makes more money for the richest people on earth is a noble enterprise.  And there you are...no wonder the Saudis are thrilled to have a Republican President once again.

And a little more:

At least this bit of sanity, from The Week:

"Trump's groveling speech in Saudi Arabia was a national embarrassment"

Groveling is strength!  Not groveling is weakness!

"The trouble with the speech is not that it was demented, like most of what passes by President Trump's lips, but that it is a reminder of what is waiting should the Republicans still be in charge of the country for any extended period of time in the post-Trump era: the policy baseline, the tone, and the analysis of the region's predicament were all boilerplate Republican inanity, grounded in a monomaniacal obsession with terrorism as the cause of all strife on Earth and bizarrely fixated on Iran as the wellspring of instability and violence."

Well, at least for the moment, people are allowed to utter the truth out loud in this country, not that anyone is allowed to hear them.  How long that will be okay, who knows?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Trump Bows To Saudi King

Do you remember the last eight years of right wing smear merchants screaming about Obama bowing to the Saudi King, because the much taller Obama leaned over to shake hands with him?  Well, I hope to hell that we see this picture every day until Trump is dead:

Well, what do you expect?  Give him something made out of gold, and he'd crawl across the room on his belly to get his hands on it.

Friday, May 19, 2017


Here are the headlines of all the "above the fold" stories at the Washington Post on Friday afternoon:

"White House adviser close to Trump is a person of interest in Russia probe...Investigation into Russian meddling reaches highest level of government"

"In 119 days, President Trump has made 586 false and misleading claims. We tracked them all."

"Trump’s media firewall is collapsing as the Russia probe gets closer...Recapping a stunningly bad two weeks for the White House"

"Trump, who demonized Muslims on the campaign trail, plans to preach tolerance in a speech in Saudi Arabia...Trump plans to do a rhetorical pirouette with a speech Sunday in the birthplace of Islam..."

Now, here is the one thing the Republican party seems never to have thought of, as they were spending decades training American voters to regard politics as just another reality show, and to make their decisions based on whatever seemed like it might be the most fun at the moment- stupidest duck call makers, fattest people alive, people who have filled their homes with garbage, and now the worst imitation of a President in recorded history.

Nothing makes for such electrifying entertainment as a clash of titans.  To this current Game of Thrones voting populace, nothing could be better than a drawn out war to the death, particularly since they will assume that whoever the Republicans dig up to replace Trump will depart from him on virtually no issue of policy, and so the whole thing won't affect us much more than whoever wins America's Top Model.

Nixon deprived the country of the ultmate spectacle by quitting; Clinton deprived us of it (despicable Democrat) by being innocent, and they couldn't even gin up a lynching of the black guy, though they sure tried.  But at last, they have a chump that they can let dangle in the wind, and then hatchet without remorse, because, really, don't we all know that nobody ever deserved it more than this born-rich, self-entitled hate filled bully?

And there seems to be a pretty good chance that Trump is going to get what he always wanted- to be the star of the greatest reality show in the history of the world.  Whoopee!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

People Who Never Saw a Mob Movie in Their Lives

So, we learn that Michael Flynn is still in contact with Trump:

"Saddled with steep legal bills, Flynn wanted to reconnect with old friends and talk about potential future business opportunities. But one overriding question among those present were his views on the president who had fired him from his national security advisor post. 

Flynn left little doubt about the answer.  Not only did he remain loyal to President Trump; he indicated that he and the president were still in communication. “I just got a message from the president to stay strong,” Flynn said after the meal was over..."

The universal interpretation of this fact is that the President and Flynn are just such good buddies that Trump interrupted his endless obsession with himself to call Flynn and comfort him.

How can people be so willfully stupid?  Well, okay, we are talking about the mainstream press here, but as I said, didn't they ever see a movie about the Mafia?  It is crystal clear that what Trump is saying is "You'd better "stay strong" and stick to our agreed story, no matter what trouble you get into yourself, because otherwise, you are going to end up in a vacant lot with a dead canary in your mouth."  Or more briefly, "shut up or die."  Flynn must know perfectly well that Trump would run over him with a tank to pick up a nickel he sees in the street.  Well, now he's gotten the "horse head in my bed" message- an offer he can't refuse; i.e. an offer to stay alive.

A Lesson on Republican Damage Control

We learned yesterday that nearly a year ago, in a conversation with some other Republican Congressional leaders, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said that he believed Trump was on Putin's payroll.

When questioned by a reporter, the conversation went something like this:

"We heard you accused Trump of being on Putin's payroll"

        "That never happened"

"But we have a transcript of the conversation"

        "The transcript is wrong."

"Actually, we have a tape of it."

        "Oh, I was just kidding when I said it."

Three lies in a row.  Well, what else do you expect?  Lying to hide treason.  Because nothing makes a damned bit of difference to them except paying off the rich bastards who put up the money to put them in office.  And sad to say, getting rid of Trump is not going to change that one bit.  We had better be looking way past Trump if we ever want to see an end to the miserable disaster that has befallen our country.

And Now the Good News

Roger Ailes is dead.

One down, about five thousand of these Republican traitors to go.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Coward McCain Backs Off Already

I am going to just reprint this short article from the Washington Post, in which that great Republican hero, and man of unshakable righteousness, Saint John McCain, tries as furiously as is humanly possible to back out of his comparison yesterday of Trump's monumental criminality to Watergate:

"Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who compared the current controversies to Watergate on Tuesday night, shed light Wednesday on his attention-grabbing remark. 

“What I was saying was that these scandals need to be completely — all the information needs to get out as quickly as possible so we can resolve the issue and move forward,” said McCain. 

He added: “It is a serious issue the way other scandals have been serious issues.” 

In the Watergate scandal, President Nixon resigned before he could be impeached. 

Asked whether the current imbroglio could lead to impeachment, McCain responded: “I have no idea of that — come on.” 

Pressed further on whether he was ruling out impeachment, McCain said: “The thought had not crossed my mind.”

Impeachment never crossed his mind when he compared Trump's situation to Watergate.  Oh no, he never thought of that!  

So, anyone of you out there who has watched McCain's behavior over the last two decades, and still believed that his commitment to doing the right thing extends to anything beyond a quickly retracted sound bite, think again.  This is the sort of morally rudderless tool that is being cited as the only chance that we have to deal with Trump in an appropriate manner.  Trump is a corrupt, criminal, stupid, ignorant, out of control traitor, but if it demands the cooperation of one single Congressional Republican to deal with this situation, forget it.  They are, every single one of them, just as corrupt as Trump.  They deliberately created the base of hate filled fools that put him in office, and they are still just thrilled with their accomplishment.  Apparently it would take a truly cataclysmic disaster to move one single one of them into facing up to their treachery.

Well, never fear.  At the rate we are going, how can that be far away?

A History Lesson from our President

Donald Trump today:

“No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly”

Oh yeah, asshole?  How about this guy?

Or maybe this guy:
No, Trump has it so much worse.

This statement by Trump is an absolute abomination.

With Trump, we have a combination of ignorance and malignant egomania which is truly world class.  Now that he thinks that he is the target of so much unfair hostility, his mental state is clearly deteriorating by the day.  Will the Republicans, still hoping to get a massive tax giveaway out of Congress in time for him to put his signature on it, delay his removal until he damages the country beyond repair?  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Wingnut Wrapup

So, what are the wingnuts moaning about, while their beloved President destroys the last shreds of democratic government in the country, and makes himself out to be one of the biggest idiots in recorded human history??

Well, of course, we expect this one:

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Judicial Watch President: Hillary Clinton Still Faces Legal Jeopardy Over Gross Mishandling of Classified Information"

Which of course she did not do, but with our current government, that is hardly enough to keep her out of prison. This story was written before Donald Trump's spilling his guts about Israeli intelligence operations to the Russians was revealed.  I wonder how Katie feels about that?

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Interview with Healthcare Wonk Lanhee Chen: How Can the Senate Improve the Healthcare Bill?"

Well, that should prove to be some helpful advice.  Never heard of Lanhee Chen?  He works for the "Hoover Institute," one of the oldest standing right wing lie factories in the country.  So, what are his helpful suggestions?  Slashing Medicaid and doing away with regulations on insurance companies.  Thanks, Lanhee, for coming up with two ideas that have never been thought of before.

Matt Vespa: "Flashback: When Democrats Loved Comey And Thought We Were Privileged To Have Him As FBI Director"

Never.  I think that would be the right answer there.  Some of them might have thought that Comey was the best right wing fanatic the crooked, Republican controlled system could cough up (they were wrong about that) but they all knew that you don't get anyone but a wingnut tool as head of the FBI.

And of course, we knew this was coming:

Michael Barone, Town Hall:  "James Comey Is the Latest Victim of the Clintons"

The Clintons. Yeah, it was Hillary who fired Comey.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Mona Charen, Town Hall:  "Trump's Escape From Comey Mess"

Seppuku?  Mona makes this claim:

"President Donald Trump has obeyed the law since taking the oath of office."

Well, that's nice.  Or would be, if it were remotely true.  There are, you know, still laws against using your government job to financially benefit your family, or against using the government to benefit a foreign dictator.  Oh, THOSE laws.  Well, except for them.  And a few dozen more I could mention.  Like that thing in the Constitution about treason.

Or this astute analysis of the problems in the executive branch:

Streiff, Red State:  "“With Few Exceptions” Donald Trump Needs to Hire Brighter People"

Yeah, all he needs is people who show more intelligence in savaging the democratic norms that have enabled the country to exist for over two centuries.  Because then, people might never have noticed that Trump is making himself into a dictator until it is too late.  Actually, it may already be too late.  What Trump really needs is better liars- that is all Streiff is really saying.

And the Conservatives beg Trump to keep his real promise to them:

Spengler, PJ Media:  "More Killing, Please, Mr. President!"

Well, just spit it right out there, Mr. Spengler.  May I point out, if you have forgotten, that this sickening right wing pervert has taken his pseudonym from  Oswald Spengler, the author of a 1918 book entitled "The Decline of the West," that was one of the most pervasive influences on the thought of one Adolf Hitler, a figure often cited as having had a significant role in German politics in the years following the publication of Spengler's book.

And in major national news:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Wow! Liberal Student Freaks Out – Screams for Over 2 Minutes Straight After Seeing Trump Sign on Campus "

Two minutes!  The country will never recover!

Eddie Scarry, Washington Examiner:  "The media have already impeached Trump"

If only.

Philip Klein, Washington Examiner:  "Jimmy Kimmel is everything that's wrong with America's healthcare debate"

Eight years and billions of dollars of right wing corporate-financed lies.  And it's all Jimmy Kimmel's fault.  I should have figured that out by myself!

Art Moore, World Net Daily:  "REBELLION GROWS AGAINST MUSLIM INDOCTRINATION IN SCHOOL...'At what point did you decide that it was OK to teach my children about Islam?'

Yeah, and while we are on the subject, at what point did you decide that it was OK to teach Art's children about evolution or racism or geology or astronomy or any other fucking subject Art doesn't want them to know about?

World Net Daily:  "Tom Coburn, Mark Levin agree: Convention of Dead 50-foot squid washes ashore"

That's what it said, anyway.  Not sure what it means.

Breitbart:  "Report: Donald Trump to Hang Portrait of Electoral College Landslide in White House...A reporter for the One America News Network spotted a White House staffer walking through the building with a framed map of the electoral college victory."

Is there a point where egomania descends into a national obscenity?  Because if there is, Trump just passed that point.

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Analysis: McMaster Doesn't Deny Core Elements of WaPo Story, But Rejects Its Premise"

Translation into English:  It's all true, but so fucking what?  What are you going to do about it, buddy?

Bernard Goldberg, Town Hall:  "Trump, Comey and the Wound that Just Won't Heal"

Aah, at last, a right winger who is going to try to be honest about the chaos and subversion in the White House...oh, wait, how could I have been so naive?

"For a while now Democrats have had about as much confidence in FBI chief James Comey as they have in Donald Trump, which is next to none -- and I'm being generous. They've wanted Comey removed from office because they believed he was a big reason Hillary Clinton lost the presidency. Now, thanks to Donald Trump's decision to fire him, they got just what they said they wanted. Except now they don't want it.

If Hillary Clinton had won and fired Comey, Democrats would have said he got what he deserved."

See?  The whole thing is not about Trump's criminality, his treason and obstruction of justice, it's about the fact that Democrats wanted both the removal of the right wing tool Comey and the right wing monster Trump, which somehow makes it all about them.

Neil Stevens, Red State:  "Rosie O’Donnell Wants To Repeat A Dark Moment In History...Rosie O’Donnell has a plan for America. We’ve seen this before in Latin America. It doesn’t end well."

Rosie O'Donnell.  Well, she has her hands right on the levers of power in the United States, doesn't she?  On the other hand, best ignore the guy in the White House who is trying to repeat a dark moment in history that took place in 1930's Germany.

Duke Fergus, Red State:  "This Week: Will Jeff Sessions Tame The Music Industry Crony Capitalists?"

This week!  The crucial issue to America that is taking place this week!  Music industry crony capitalists!!!  And by the way, where is this threat coming from?  The record companies, with their decades long history of screwing musicians?  Services like Pandora, with their shorter but equally brutal history of screwing musicians?  No, the threat comes from "crony capitalists" like ASCAP and BMI, who are conspiring to see that musicians get some scraps of the revenue from their creations.  Protect the workers and you are now a "crony capitalist;" screw the workers and you are, I guess, a "job creator." Jobs that don't pay anything, but still...

Streiff, Red State:  "BREAKING. H. R. McMaster Gives a Presser on the Alleged Trump Security Blunder"

"Alleged."  You've got to love that word.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "FBI Stoolies Leak Secret Comey Memo to NY Times — Trump Administration Responds to Latest FakeNews"

Well, either it's fake news or it's not.  If the "stoolies" leaked it, it's not fake news, it's real news.  Talk about wanting to have your cake and eat it too.  So, here's Jim's standard:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Did Washington Post Just Publish Its 4th Major FakeNews Story in Last Week?"

See, if Jim doesn't like it, it's fake.  That's the standard of journalism today, by a certified liar who is now, thanks to Donald Trump, an official member of the White House press corps.

Alan Keyes, Renew America:  "Firing Comey: Did Trump give his adversaries a sword?"

If he did, I'd like to suggest that they give it a good cleaning, as he stuck it in his own back before turning it over.

And man, is this going to help things:

Cliff Kincaid, Renew America:  "Changing academia has been much more difficult than changing the media. However, there is hope: President Donald Trump has asked Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. to head a White House task force on reforming the U.S. higher education system."

Jerry Falwell, who runs one of the most fraudulent excuses for a "university" in our history, to "reform" our higher education system.  And how will he do that?

"It is anticipated that Falwell's task force will recommend the increasing use of online courses in order to drive down the costs of higher education for students nationwide. This is a proven method to accomplish what we call "Defunding the Marxist Madrassas." In this way, the academic bastions of Marxist thought that inhibit real diversity in thinking, and even prevent conservatives from coming on campus, can be reduced in their influence and even dismantled."

"Marxist Madrassas."  Did it ever occur to Cliff that Communists are atheists and consequently somewhat unlikely to be associated with Madrassas?  No?  Well, then.  Of course, the real effect of this "reform" would be to drive more and more of our "higher education" resources into the hands of crooked rich people like Betsey DeVos.

Larry Klayman, Renew America:  "Indict Comey for obstruction of justice"

Comey...obstruction of justice...well, you don't really want to see any of the rest of what Larry has to say, because it is totally incoherent, and you've already heard the punch line, so we'll just move on.

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "Gay effort to reintroduce slavery in the South fails"

This has to do with someone being required to serve a gay client in his place of business.  Given that Republicans are actually trying to reduce the American working populace to a condition barely distinguishable from slavery, it's sort of amusing, but like Larry Klayman's article just above, a classic example of right wingers accusing liberals of every abomination the right is committing themselves.

Glenn Beck, The Blaze:  "Ted Cruz has a bill to solve health care: here is what it would do "

Well, I'm not about to waste my time reading this, so let me just take a guess:  It would kick a few million more people out of their healthcare plans, and give a multibillion dollar gift to the richest people in America.  I'm pretty sure that I've got the basics of whatever he is proposing.

Geoffrey P. Hunt, American Thinker:  "Trump Drops Bunker Buster on Comey and the Deep State"

And with the same effect: zero on Trump's enemies, and a couple more points shaved off of his already pathetic approval rating.  Way, to go there, Donny boy!

J. Robert Smith, American Thinker:  "Trump’s Outdated WH Media Operation Has to Go"

They just aren't lying anywhere near hard enough.

"The president deserves a communications strategy and execution as groundbreaking and bold as himself."

And as criminal and deceptive.  Maybe then he'd have a chance.

Avrohom Gordiner, American Thinker:  "New York City's Reduced Crime Rates: Don't Be Fooled"

Don't be fooled by the truth!  Things MUST have gotten a lot worse under Obama, trust American Thinker on that one.

Allan J. Favish, American Thinker:  "Sally Yates misquoted the law to Ted Cruz"

Sally Yates is the former acting Attorney General of the United States.  Allan Favish is also an attorney; he has spent his career trying to prevent insurance companies from having to pay out on claims to their insured clients.  He is also known in Washington D.C. for having spent over ten years filing motions demanding the autopsy photos of Vince Foster, so he can "prove" that Hillary killed Foster.  So, who are you going to believe is more likely to be correctly interpreting the law?

Oliver Lane, Breitbart:  "1 in 5 Child Deaths in London Borough Caused by Parents Being ‘Close Relatives’

I never knew there were that many people from Alabama in London.

And let's just go out on this frightening story:

Before It's News:  "Creatures of the Bottomless Pit – the Real Alien Threat You Need to Be Aware Of!  URGENT: You need to see this now – the Revelation ‘locusts of the bottomless pit’ have now been uncovered! This is not science fiction. This is reality. The greatest horror the world will ever see is about to unleash from beneath the Earth! Unless you want to witness the GREATEST HORROR THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN – You better PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!"

" This is not science fiction. This is reality."  Well, you've been warned.

More soon, until wingnut writers complete the descent into incomprehensible apelike gibberish which they have been promising for several years now.

How Many Reasons to Impeach?

Let's start out by remembering that, no matter how they spin it, the Republicans impeached Bill Clinton over a blow job, and that they tried for years to gin up an impeachment of Barack Obama based on an endless series of lies about Benghazi.

Times have sure changed, huh?  We now have an absolutely out of control, mentally defective Republican President who seems to be licensed to engage in any sort of abomination without its bothering Congressional Republicans one bit.  He seems to commit clearly impeachable abuses weekly, if not daily, and not one single Republican will state the obvious in public.

I think I'll just take a walk through the last few months and list some of the grounds that exist to remove this malignant character from the White House.  I will start with the most recent and work my way into the past, where the real abominations lie.

1.  Trump has just been caught revealing the nation's most secret intelligence data to the Russians.  Compare the Republican silence about this to the year-long screaming fit about Hillary's alleged revealing "classified data," which turned out to consist of two e-mails congratulating foreign leaders on their election.  Republicans answer that the President has the right to reveal any damned thing he pleases.  That may be technically true, but imagine him tweeting out our nuclear codes, which he is apparently legally entitled to do.  Having the "right" to do something and getting kicked the hell out of the White House for doing it are two separate things.  And let me add here that this revelation is going to relate to one of the two really big reasons for impeaching Trump, in that it provides further damning evidence that the bastard is selling the country out to the Russians.

2.  He has engaged in a continuous round of obstruction of justice, to prevent the real knowledge of his connections to the Russians from being revealed.  The firing of James Comey is the most recent of those criminal actions, which also include appointing a Secretary of State and national security advisor who were both involved up to their necks in dirty dealings with the Russians, firing prosecutors who were investigating the matter, choosing an Attorney General who is such a corrupt right winger that he will crush any internal investigation into Trump's treason, and a host of lesser intimidations of these and other people.

3.  He has allowed his family to profit from his position.  The most recent obscene example of this is the selling of visas into the United States by Jared Kushner and his family, in return for $500,000 investments into Kushner's company.  In contrast to the behavior of previous Presidents, Trump has absolutely refused to separate himself in any way from the operation of his family businesses; we have seen numerous examples of the use of government resources to promote his companies, or even to financially benefit them directly, as when the government pays him to have his staff stay at Mar-a-Lago or Trump Tower.  He has furthermore absolutely refused to even let the American people know the full extent of his financial entanglements, which may point to not just corruptly benefiting his family, but which will likely reveal the extensive nature of his dependence on the Russians.

4. Now I come to what is, in my opinion, the main reason that Trump should be impeached: the refusal to carry out his sworn duty as President of the United States.  The Constitution requires of the President that "he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed."  Trump has appointed a whole host of cabinet secretaries and other top government officials who are openly committed to frustrating or reversing the standing law of the United States.

This happened most blatantly in the past with Ronald Reagan, who appointed the likes of James Watt to head the Interior Department, and Clarence Thomas to head the Civil Rights division of the Justice Department.  People like them had long-standing ideological commitments to tearing down the rule of law in this country, and should never have been allowed to take office; when Reagan appointed them, he should have been impeached immediately for refusal to carry out his sworn duty as President.  The cowardly Democrats failed to do this, and as a result we ended up with Bush-Cheney and Trump.  Well, what Reagan did, Trump is applying in a wholesale manner to every bit of the government he can get his hands on.

 Within the last couple of days, just to cite one example, Trump has put forward for the position as chief scientist at the USDA, a man who is not a scientist, who has never been a scientist, but did spend several years as a right wing talk show host in the Midwest, where he endlessly railed against climate change science as a hoax.  I'm sorry, but the President has no right to do things like this, not and retain his position.  And this example hardly begins to approach the seriousness, for example, of his appointment of a man with $500 billion dollars riding on doing away with sanctions on Russia, to be Secretary of State, or making a woman dedicated to turning our educational system into nothing but a profit center for the rich, most notably her own family, to be the Secretary of Education.

5.  Now for the final area in which Trump has engaged in (to say the least) impeachable offenses:  The absolutely clear evidence that he is a traitor, who has sold the country out on numerous occasions to a foreign dictator, in payment for that dictator's rigging our election system to make him President.  And I will not budge on this description.  We now have dozens of examples of his entanglements with Putin and the Russian oligarchs, as well as so many specimens of clear payoffs to them, that you would have to be a fool to let yourself be swayed by the thundering chorus of right wingers trying to shout down the obvious: Trump is a traitor. The most recent of these payoffs spectacularly came, as I mentioned above, with the betraying to the Russians some of the country's most closely guarded intelligence secrets; something we would not even know about if he had had his way.  But the payoffs to the Russians are legion, and have been occurring since the time he won office; the deliberate alienation of the United States from its allies, the obvious intent, with the appointment of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, to do away with sanctions on Russia (can you give any other explanation why he would pick as Secretary of State a person without one day's experience in foreign diplomacy in his whole life, but who has the most to gain financially of any single person in the United States from doing away with Russian Sanctions?  I mean, really, how obvious does something have to be?), his appointment as chief National Security advisor a person with his own massive entanglements with the Russians, including some pretty big financial payouts, and on and on.

I want to say this again: despite all the Republican screaming to the contrary, it is absolutely clear that Trump is the tool of a hostile foreign country.  He is a traitor, beyond any reasonable doubt.  The proofs that this is true come out almost every day.

Well, there is a list of four main areas, within which lie at the very least several dozen absolutely justified reasons for removing Trump from office.  Unfortunately, the evidence as of today is that the entire pack of Republicans in Congress are every bit as corrupt and subversive as he is, so all of this will still not reach, in their minds, the magnitude of a blow job, or even what they all knew were a pack of totally false smears about Benghazi.  It only took three honest Republicans in Congress to side with the Democrats and bring down Nixon.  As I have said before, the Republicans learned their lesson from Nixon very well.  There is today, as the result of a decades-long, systematic effort, not one single honest Republican in Congress, and perhaps there is not one on earth.  Otherwise this farce of a Presidency would have been over two months ago.  Not that Mike Pence will give the country anything better in the way of governing than the lunatic Trump, but apparently nothing is too low for Republicans to swallow, while they are waiting to vote in those massive tax cuts for the rich and deregulation for their corporations.  Until then, Trump could invite a Russian army to occupy Alaska and they'd all have reasons why that was just fine.

Headline of the Day

From Crooks and Liars:

"White House Comms Staff Are Screaming At Each Other Right Now"

And life goes on, in the Trump administration.  Is there any way that this could get more degraded?